Monday, November 26, 2007

Montrose goes to Slovenia

Our animated short Montrose Avenue is off to Slovenia, as part of the Canadian Panorama in the Animatika 2007 Animation Festival in Ljubljana, Dec. 3-9. This festival has a focus on new animated films from Eastern European filmmakers. How awesome! Check out the trailer designed by Japanese filmaker Koji Yamamura and animated by Matej Lavrenčič. It's making me feel all festival-ee.



  1. i just got ahold of your exhibition postcard. i am vey sorry i missed it, only a few blocks from my house. i love your work its very inspiring. i'll add you as a link so that i don't miss the next show. really great stuff!

  2. Hello, I just got back from taking my children to see "Montrose Avenue" in Nyack, NY as part of the NY Children's International Film Festival.

    I wanted share with you how much we loved it. It's very inspiring and very much reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in Brooklyn.

    Lila Lee