Thursday, September 4, 2008


I was in Winnipeg recently, collecting some mementos
and photos of my late father's, when I came across
an old postcard: "Zaleszczyki : Panorama".

I didn't really know too much about where my
grandfather escaped from, on his own, when he was still a kid.

His autobiography starts out "It was almost the
end of February, 1904. The meadows of Zalischiki
were covered with early spring flowers...."

I was under the impression he came from a
village, so this postcard surprised me - My god,
this place even has it's own moat !
(It turned out to be a windy river, but still,
it is rather picturesque)

And here is Zaleszczyki today -

And here is an interesting story about the place
"Paradise Lost"


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