Monday, January 5, 2009


We've temporarily relocated to a beautiful Island
in British Columbia. We're working on new art
about the forest, so we thought the woods of BC would
be ideal for inspiration. It's working! We've got an
amazing rainforest in our backyard, as well as sheep,
cats, ducks, and hens, bunnies and an organic apple
orchard to keep the inspiration flowing.
And snow !!! We're really lucky to experience
something very rare on this island-
snow ! Ay ! The beauty !

snow marek

It flies!

Yes, for the next four months, we are shepherds.
These are our sheps. Barbados Black Bellies.
They are well suited to wet climates.

Chickens. Some of these chickens are actually retired -
this organic farm has a no kill policy for it's elderly chickens!


Duck in Dacha



  1. I hope to see you out here
    some time soon young lady!
    The snow was amazing- we're sooooo glad we got to see it. It's all green rainforest now!