Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TCF in Vancouver

Thanks so much to everyone who came out the Pohadky book launch at Lucky's, extra thanks to Gabe for hosting the event ! We had a great time meeting local comic artists and catching up with old pals.
We also checked out Stanley Park, which was absolutely amazing. You guys in Vancouver are seriously lucky !

I really appreciated the Park's approach to leaving the dramatic looking trees blown over by the storm a few years ago in place to decompose.
In High Park in Toronto,the bodies of dead trees are mysteriously "disappeared", preventing the natural cycle of decay a forest would normally experience.

Marek looks down,

Pat looks up!

The Magical Fern Tree!!! We've never seen ferns grow on trees.In Ukrainian mythology, there is a fern which blooms only once a year at night on Kupalo's eve, and if you find this magical flower, you will be able to understand the language of plants and animals.
If I lived in Vancouver, I'd probably give this tree a try come July 7th eve.

We were pretty happy to find this place.


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