Friday, January 14, 2011

Here are a few panels from NOC (night), a six page comic I did for AARGH! Eastern Europe's finest comics anthology magazine. This upcoming issue of AARGH! hits the newsstands in the Czech Republic last week of January.

The editor of AARGH!, Tomáš Prokupek, is also currently writing a history of Czech comics. We visited with Tomáš last summer when we were in Prague, and he showed us scans of the comic art he's been assembling from various library archives. Really fantastic stuff, including some hilarious pro-communist comic strips by a beloved children's author that depict potatoe beetles as imperialist parasites! Tomáš also sent me some copies of early comics by my hero Josef Lada that I had never seen before, I don't think they've been reprinted since they first appeared in the 1920's.

Our friend Jaromír Plachý recently put out Koule a Krychle. The comic is really funny and witty, I particularly like Jaromír's use of Czech slang. Besides drawing comics, Jaromír is also an animator and game designer. Check out his stuff here.

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