Thursday, January 13, 2011

Victory Party

An evening spent with Geoff Berner’s music is, in the words of the good Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, “a wild combination of menace, madness, and genius… fragmented coherence that wreaks havoc on the mind of any listener.” – Vue Weekly, Edmonton

Geoff Berner's upcoming album Victory Party will be released on March 8 by Mint Records. We did the design and artwork for the cover and a 24 page booklet that includes illustrations for each of the ten songs on the record. Animated music video is in the works as well.

Geoff Berner
Mint Records


  1. This looks fantastic. I can't wait to see the entire album. I love Berner.

  2. Thanks Jesse! It's a great record. Classic Geoff Berner song writing and a full band to boot.Amazing playing on this record.