Monday, June 20, 2011

Joe Shuster Awards

Well, I must say it was quite the surprise, not to mention a great honour, to have won a Joe Shuster Award this past Saturday night. I thought it was quite a feather in our cap to have been nominated in the first place, but considering the other nominees in our category, I really didn't expect it would go much further. Just goes to show you what a little incantation over candle wax during a lunar eclipse can accomplish !

Huge congratulations also to Koyama Press for winning the Outstanding Comic Book Publisher award. Anne Koyama has been a great publisher to work with, Baba Yaga and the Wolf would not have seen the light of day without her encouragement, support, and patience ( and she definitely needed the latter when dealing with us ! ).

Big shout-out to Komiksarium, the premier Czech comics blog, for such a nice post about our win at the Shusters. Thanks Lukáš !

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