Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kraina Mriy

People have been wondering about the titles and meanings of the prints in the show, so I'll be filling in the blanks for some of the most asked about pieces.

The imagery the piece "Kraina Mriy" refers to a Czech folktale about an alcoholic who makes a deal with the Devil. If he can survive a night of drinking with demons, he will be freed from his alcoholism.

The title "Kraina Mriy" translates to "Land of Dreams" in Ukrainian, and alludes to the metaphyscal land of folklore.

The title is also a hommage to the Ukrainian singer Oleg Skrypka's song and Festival of the same name. Oleg Skrypka is the singer from the awesome Ukrainian punk band Vopli Vidopliassova. I love his work on three counts - punk background, reinterpretations of beautiful Ukrainian folksongs, pro multicultural stance.


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  1. Lovely work!
    I find your work very interesting, they are loaded of fun!fun!fun!
    So happy to feel alive, continuation!