Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tin Can Forest Art Show Opening at Resistor Gallery Nov 2 2007 Toronto

Babies, Babas, beer and blintzes. A good time was had by all!
Here's a few pics from our opening last weekend at
Resistor Gallery Nov.2, here in Toronto.

Soundtrack: Gogol Borello, Hurtopravci,
Méta & Kálmán Balogh , Oleg Skrypka, Moscow Balalaika Quartet

Below: Me and Marek talking to our friend and research assistant Olha.

Below: Me n' Olha yuckin' it up.

A big thanks to the Resistor Gallery, as well as Rosie, Arv and Kim for helping us to pull this together. Special thanks to Olesya Muhaylivna for the pics!

The show runs Nov.2 - Nov.29

You can see the whole show on line at

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